Karl Grammer

Dominik Werke

emosys_sr 1.0

A new generation interactive rating study form generator.

This Open Source Program (free for non-commercial use) generates rating forms interactively for pictures, movies, sounds or text. Currently The generator runs only under OS X Mountain Lion 10.8+, the studies run on any server which has PERL installed. The layout and construction of the studies guarantee high quality results.

No additional installations are necessary - besides a functional webserver with PERL - runs on all major browsers.

The program uses adjustable bipolar and unipolar sliders for rating studies and questionnaires and can randomize stimuli and sliders in order to prevent order effects. It will create a standolone HTML source code for deployment on any server runing PERL.  In addition it is multiuser friendly and the number of rating instances is only limited by the server.

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Online examples emosys_rs 1.0

Must read: Rating the rating scales


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  • More Features

    • creates internet-based multiuser-multiitems rating studies for pictures, movies, sounds or text
    • with a few clicks online
    • uses horizontal and vertical sliders with adjustable range and step size
    • stimuli in fixed alphabetic order or randomized
    • sub-selection of stimuli
    • results are saved on the server - not local
    • results can be directly imported into statistics programs (two files only). No parsers necessary
    • slider appearance can be randomized - avoid order effects
    • scaling of most elements
    • advanced users can edit templates for appearance
    • combine several different rating studies into one, e.g. picture ratings and personality questionnaire
    • vertical sliders
    • set slider handle start point

  • Planned features in emosys_fc and in the Pro version

    • touch screen support
    • reverse slider direction
    • forced choice two stimuli - one description
    • forced choice one stimulus - two descriptions
    • forced choice round robin
    • association tests
    • Windows version (who ever wants this)


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